A huge congratulations to the Hinkler Rover Crew of Kepnock Scout Group. This month the Hinkler Rovers put together an incredibly successful Central Queensland Christmas Moot at Wyper Park. With approximately 60 attendees at the Bundaberg property for the weekend, fun was had as the rovers tried to escape the apocalypse. It’s a fantastic thing to see these events run with such success. For more events like this, check out our upcoming events!


SURFMOOT 2016 – 85 Years Young! – Hosted by VIC Rovers – 22-26 January 2016 – Victoria

Open to all current Rovers 18+


QARM – Queensland Aquatic Rover Moot 29-31 January – Dunethin Rock

 ROVENTURE SEQ 2016 – 4-6 March 2016 – BP Park, Samford

Open to all current Venturers and Rovers – Keep your eyes on the facebook page for all of the application details. https://www.facebook.com/roventureseq/

QLD MOOT – 25-28 March 2016 – Guanaba Campsite

Keep your eyes on our facebook page for all updates on events as they are released.

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