The following updates to Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions (QBSI) can be viewed by clicking here

  1. QBSI Cover, Content and Register of Amendments (version number, content and register updates to reflect this update to Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions)
  2. QBSI 1.6 Groups (QBSI, QBSI and QBSI – updating of references to Personnel Committee Handbook)
  3. QBSI 2.1 Youth Section (QBSI 2.1.13 – amended to correct reference to another section in QBSI)
  4. QBSI 3.7 Training (QBSI, QBSI and QBSI – recommend re-read of these)
  5. QBSI 7.3 Fire and Electrical Safety (QBSI – new section referencing the Scout Facilities Safety Guide has been added)
  6. QBSI 10 Child Protection Policy and Procedures (QBSI 10.8 – a new section on “hazing” has been added to the Policy)