We all know that the motto of scouting is to Be Prepared. We also know that learning by doing is also an important part of our Scout Method.  So it should be no surprise that one of the prominent features coming out from the Youth program Review is for us to get our members to plan, do and then review their activities.  Sure I hear you say that is always done, but this about encouraging our youth members from Joey Scouts up to Rovers- all joining in at an age appropriate level to plan, prepare and review all they are doing.

Scouts of tomorrow do not solely need knowledge.  They need to develop their personal skills to be self-regulating, to be able to organise, to be able to reflect and learn, to communicate and to collaborate.  If we as Leaders are to enable our youth to achieve the purpose of Scouting, our youth members must be involved in the whole planning cycle of their program.  Plan, Do and Review is a dynamic tool that can be used in many ways across all facets of our program.  Are you ready for the challenge?  We will keep you informed about this exciting tool.

Peter Blatch OAM
Deputy Chief Commissioner Youth Program