The Brisbane Gang Show is a live musical theatre performance produced by Scouts Queensland. The Brisbane Gang Show goes live at the Schonell Theatre from the 1st – 9th July 2016.BGS

This year’s show has a cast over 130 Scouts and Guides and producers are promising to have you clapping and cheering for more. The 2016 Brisbane Gang Show “Shipwrecked!” tells the story of a opening on a cruise ship which becomes endangered in uncharted waters, most passengers stay with the ship, however a group of intrepid explorers head off into the jungle to scavenge for supplies. After a storm and a stampede of wild animals, each group split up finding themselves with different mysterious civilisations who are fighting over their strange ideologies. The explorers meet the people and learn their ways, culminating in an epic final battle defused at the last minute by a special parade.

So set your anchor in for July and gang the Gang for some great family entertainment.

The bookings office is now open and tickets can be purchase both over the phone and online. Below are the 2016 Show Dates.

  • Friday 1 July – 7:30pm
  • Saturday 2 July 11am & 2:30pm
  • Sunday 6 July 11am & 2pm (SSS SHOWS- No Public Sale)
  • Thursday 7 July 11am & 7:30pm
  • Friday 8 July 7:30pm
  • Saturday 9 July 1pm & 7:30pm

Please contact or phone 07 3077 6854