Pioneer Valley Scout Group have recently had investitures of new members in Cub Scouts and Scouts and a going up ceremony from Cub Scouts to Scouts. At the same meeting they celebrated Mothers Day. They have also had a visit to the Poppy’s Pizza Place in Walkerston where the Cub Scout and Scout got to make their own Pizza’s and the Pioneer Valley Cub Scouts have been learning about Codes and Signals.

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Banksia Scout Group have had reasons to celebrate with the presentation of the Grey Wolf Award to two Cub Scouts.

central coast 3William had his Grandad present his badge and Caitlin had her Dad present her with the Grey Wolf Award. central coast 4




Cub Scout Leader Joanne Hamilton congratulated her daughter Madison and presented her with her Australian Scout Medallion. Madi organised a Caving expedition last year near Rockhampton for her a Leadership activity. Scout Leader Sonia Andrews commented that after that camp all members that attend grew in confidence.


central coast 5She had a canoe journey for the Adventurer Level. It was on the Pioneer River from the Mia Mia bridge to Balnagowan. At the time of the year it was held there was a little more carrying of canoes than was expected and a little less paddling.



Mary Wallace
Region Leader Community Relations
Central Coast Region