PROMISE CHALLENGE BADGE Promise challenge badge

We all know the Promise Challenge Badge is the top award for our section, and due to the age range of our section, all realise the importance and reliance the Joey Scouts place in us to ensure they are aware of, and have the opportunity to complete the criteria necessary to be awarded the badge. I understand their maybe some Joey Scouts not interested in accessing this award but they should have an opportunity to make that decision.

Recently I have noticed a growing trend of late applications. When I have followed up about the late applications I was provided with reasons such as eg being lost, misplaced, forgotten, Leaders leaving before submitting applications, Group Leaders finding applications that have been lost, etc. You would agree with me that this is not good enough and that we need to improve our level of care with these important documents. The majority of Leaders are doing the right thing, I bring this matter to your attention because I do not want to see this practice becoming the norm. In the majority of cases it is not the youth members fault and therefore should not be penalised in not receiving their award.

There is a requirement for the Joey Scout to commence and complete the criteria to be entitled to and receive their Promise Challenge Certificate and Badge before they link to the Cub Scout section. I would like to see a decrease in this trend, and ask for your support in managing these applications in a timely manner.


Don’t forget our open invitation to Joey Scout Leaders and their Mobs for our final birthday party celebrating 25 years of Joey Scouts. Scheduled for Saturday 25 June 2016 at Queensland Scout Centre the program will commence at 12 noon and finishing at 2.00 pm. There will be a number of bases providing games and activities, which will then be followed by the cutting of the birthday cake.

For organisational purposes if you are intending to come, can you please email me the number of Leaders and youth members coming. Look forward to seeing you all there.


There are times when there is a spare moment between a game, a craft, while waiting for the next activity or just before closing parade when you want to keep the Joey Scouts busy, following are some one minute challenges you may wish to try with your Mob:

Minute Challenge Minute Challenge
 Paired Joey Scouts count how many times they can catch a ball that is bounced back and forth between them. Joey Scouts balance a plastic spoon on their noses. See if they can sit down and stand up while still balancing the spoon on the nose. How many times can they do this in the minute?


Give each Joey Scout 10 toothpicks (safer than match sticks). Joey Scout is to form each letter of the alphabet, in order and one at a time, in the minute. How far did they get?


As a Mob, Joey Scouts try to come up with a list of words in alphabetical order, such as apple, beach, comic, dog. Bring the Mob together to make the list. How fast do you get through the alphabet?

Upcoming events:

25 year Joey Scout Birthday Party – Saturday 25 June 2016 at QSC Commences 12 noon and finished 2.00 pm

Gang Show – Friday 01 July 2016 to 09 July 2016. Joey Scout matinee Saturday 02 July 2016 at 1.00 pm

Joey Scout Jaunt – Saturday 06 August 2016

Skillarama – Saturday 03 September 2016

Carols In The Park – Roma Street Parklands – Saturday 03 December 2016, 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Hopalong – Saturday 18 March 2017. Theme – SPECIAL NEEDS AND REGULAR KIDS.  Please note in your calendar

Quote: Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn –Harriet Beecher Stowe

David Cruse (Kookaburra)
Branch Commissioner Joey Scouts