AIR ACTIVITIES – by Evie Donaldson (aged 10)

evie-in-the-front-seat4/6/16, Flying is awesome.

We the Lowood Cubs were all heading to Redcliffe for an air activities weekend. After a long drive on a very wet and windy afternoon, we arrived at the Oyster Point Scout Den. It was massive, we were all so surprised. Then we all unpacked the cars. The Redbank Plains cub’s stayed with us. The leaders with us were Lorikeet, Chil, Kookie, Mrs Ross, Mr M, Rama & Rex .


at-the-air-activitie-hangerIt was too wet and cold to play outside so we played a couple of games in the Den. After that we had afternoon tea and got to eat the food we made on Tuesday at Cubs. After a couple more of hours of games it was time for dinner. We got to build your own hamburger. Then we made our beds, got into our pj’s and hopped into bed. The leaders put a movie on. It was the new Jungle Book. Some of us fell asleep half way through the movie.

It was so cold and windy when we woke up and got ready for flying. We had a quick walk down to the waterfront to have and a look and then we only had 15 minutes to get ready! Breakfast was bacon and egg burgers and cereal then we would have wash up and quickly get to the Airport. We got name tags, put into groups and got some stuff done.

When it was our turn, my group and I went up a plane. It was so cool. We went very high you could see the whole of Redcliffe. Then we hoped out. My group moved to another activity were we made wooden planes. It was very difficult. After that we had morning tea. After morning tea my group and I moved to another activity where we learned all about plane’s. We got to finish our wooden plane’s and headed back to the Oyster Point Scout den where we were staying.

cubs-getting-ready-to-fly excited-cubs-after-their-flight cubs-at-oyster-point

It was sandwich’s for lunch before washing up again. After we played two games of hot potato. Koala, me, Oliva and Nikita tried to sneak out but someone got hurt so we couldn’t get in the car quickly. Then we had to have parade. We started the car and left. We were the second ones back to the den. Chil was late so we couldn’t get all our luggage out. When I finally got to go home it was still really cold.