Unit Constitutions

Does your Unit have a Constitution? Why should a Unit have a Constitution? What information should be in a Unit Constitution?  These are all questions that are frequently asked and this article will respond to these questions.

Whilst I cannot answer the question ‘Does your Unit have a Constitution?’ I can advise that it is highly recommended that every Venturer Scout Unit has a Constitution.  A constitution is a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which an organisation is acknowledged to be governed.  As each Venturer Scout Unit operates with individuals, it is important that a constitution reflects the agreed understandings to which that Unit will operate.  This however does not allow a Venturer Scout Unit to have information in their constitution that contradicts any information of a constitution that sits above a Venturer Scout Unit Constitution.  That is a Venturer Scout Unit Constitution can not contradict information in Queensland Branch’s QBSI, Scouts Australia’s Policy and Rules or Government legislation and laws.

A Venturer Scout Unit Constitution should reflect information that is agreed upon by all members of the Venturer Scout Unit and will be the resource that is referred back to regarding information on how the Unit will operate.  It should include (but not be limited to):

Generic information such as: Unit Name; Meeting Time and Date; Membership Requirements; Unit Council Positions, meeting frequency, and election process; Unit finances; Attendance; Uniform; Unit property; and amendments to the Constitution.

Specific information such as: Behaviour; Relationships; Transport; and how the Unit will respond to breeches to the Constitution, complete the Constitution.

The most important factor to consider when composing a constitution is that all members must be willing to adopt all of the content.

If your Venturer Scout Unit does not have a Unit Constitution and is seeking some guidance above what is written in this article, you can find various examples of Venturer Scout Unit Constitutions by doing a ‘Google Search’ or alternatively you can speak with other Venturer Scout Units in your region or district.  Addition to this any Region or District Venturer Scout Leader will be able to offer you guidance or you can contact me.  I would strongly encourage all RVSC and DVSC’s to include a discussion about Unit Constitutions in their next meeting.

Further information about Unit Constitutions is provided in the Venturer Scout Unit Management Course.

Chris Dunne
Branch Commissioner Venturer Scouts