Bowen Scout Group promoted scouting on World Scout Day by presenting a Scarf to the Principal of St Mary Primary School. Pictured is Cub Scout Leader Justine Hart with scouting members from Bowen who attend St Mary’s presenting the Principal Dianne Austin with a scarf.


Banksia Scout Group had two reasons to celebrate recently with the presentation of a Woodbadge to Joey Scout Leader Johanna Atherstone and an Australian Scout Medallion to Scout Lachlan Kentwell. Banksia Group was very fortunate to have a leader transfer in who had achieved her Wood Badge however she hadn’t been presented with her Gilwell Scarf and Woggle and Wood beads.

Johanna’s son Timothy took part in the presentation by presenting her with the wood beads.

Peter Kentwell Lachlan’s dad presented him with his ASM Badge. Lachlan transferred to Banksia Group from Mt Isa and was enthusiastic enough to compete the requirements of the Australian Scout Medallion. He enjoyed doing camp cooking as his Project for his Leadership Badge. He said his highlight in scouting was a caving activity near Rockhampton.

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Another Australian Scout Medallion was presented at Banksia and this time it was to Adam Trinder. Pictured with his father Ken Trinder who presented him with the Australian Medallion and his brother Christian presented him with his ASM Badge. Adam said he had a couple of highlights while in scouting and they were; the 120km bike hike he planned and went on for his journey and a caving activity to Rockhampton.


Mackay City Central Cub Scouts had a sleepover at their den. Firstly they learned about bicycle safety and then had a practice ride around the Mackay Botanical Garden. The next day they went on their bike hike from their den along the Blue Water Trail to Illuka Park, Binnington Esplanade and return, which is approximately 20 kilometres.


Mackay City Central Cub Scouts have made this activity a yearly event.

Mary Wallace
Region Leader Community Relations
Central Coast Region