Leaders, can you please make it a priority that once the Joey Scout has completed all the required tasks of the Promise Challenge, that the “Promise Challenge” application form (D9) is received at Queensland Scout Centre (QSC) within one month of the completion date. Observing this process will ensure a timely presentation of the Promise Challenge Certificate and Badge to the Joey Scout.


If you have not already thought of this, you should be thinking about developing your long and short term plans in preparation for 2017. These plans would include activities such as outings, special days/periods (Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Easter, Christmas, etc),  mob holidays/sleepovers, special guest attendances, etc. It is a valuable activity from which you, your leaders, and youth members will benefit. If you are a lone leader, organise with leaders from neighbouring groups to have a ‘brain storming day’ to develop your individual long and short term plans – it will be a lot of fun.


Imagine a boxer stepping into the ring and telling himself “I’m a loser! I’m a chicken!” How long would he last? Imagine a singer walking on stage and telling herself “I’m pathetic! They’ll hate me.” How well would she sing?

It’s a recipe for disaster.

Yes, lots of us use this same recipe every day. We tell ourselves:” I’m fat”; “I have a rotten memory”; “I’m always broke”; “I’m an idiot”. Then we wonder why we fail!

If you expect to forget, you will forget! If you expect to be broke, you will stay broke. If you expect to behave like an idiot ………

So how do we start to think positively? The first step is to watch your mouth. Notice what you SAY about yourself. From today, NEVER SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT YOURSELF. Never tell people: “I’m hopeless, I always screw up, ……

Make a commitment: “From today I will not criticise myself. If I have nothing good to say about me, I will keep my mouth closed”.

It is hard to control our thoughts; but we CAN control what comes out of our mouth. Once we take control of our language, we begin to have more positive thoughts …… and life gets better.

IN A NUTSHELL – We become what we think about!

Upcoming events:

Carols In The Park – Roma Street Parklands – Saturday 03 December 2016, 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Hopalong – Saturday 18 March 2017. Theme – SPECIAL NEEDS AND REGULAR KIDS.  Please note in your calendar

Quote – Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.Arthur Ashe




David Cruse (Kookaburra)