All Formation Leaders will be emailed a listing of Members eligible for consideration for an award in their area of responsibility and a copy of the Adult Recognition Award nomination form (nomination year 2017). The nomination form will also be available by visiting the members only area of the Branch website.

Details and timetable for the processing of the Adult Recognition Awards for the Queensland Branch for 2017 are as outlined below (please note that the timings for the 2017 process is different from previous years):

  • Completed nomination forms with citations and documentation to be received at the Branch Support Office by no later than February 27, 2017. It is imperative that nominations are received by this date as they will need to be checked, collated and reviewed by the Branch awards committee prior to being forwarded to National by the due date.
  • Nominations received after February 27, 2017, will not be accepted. There will be no exceptions in this regard.
  • Nominations received on a 2016 (or earlier) nomination form will not be accepted. All nominations must be on the current 2017 nomination form. Unsuccessful nominations from a previous year must be resubmitted on the new 2017 nomination form.
  • During the month of March all nominations received will be reviewed by the Branch awards committee.
  • Awards are forwarded to National for approval no later than April 1, 2017.
  • The awards will be announced on August 1, 2017.

Please read the 2017 ARA Memorandum to the Movement  from the Chief Commissioner carefully.

Please us this form for your nominations and be aware of the closing date. 2017 ARA Nomination Form V1