24 July 2017

A Scout Promise and Law for All Australians

Dear Members of Scouting

We are proud and excited to announce that after three years of planning, research and consultation, on Saturday the 22nd July 2017 the National Council of Scouts Australia endorsed the new Australian Scout Promise and the Australian Scout Law.

Scouts Australia now has one Promise, with two versions. Following the World Organisation of the Scout Movement philosophy of one developmental program from ages 6 to 26 years, the Promise will be used across all five of our Sections. As Australia’s young people become more diverse, from a multitude of backgrounds and beliefs, we now have a Promise they can make with conviction, and a Law they can easily understand and follow.

Each member will choose from two Promise options. Both options have the support of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

Each member will now choose from the following versions of our Promise;

On my honour, I promise

To do my best,

To be true to my spiritual beliefs,

To contribute to my community and our world,

To help other people,

And to live by the Scout Law



On my honour

I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to my God, and

To the Queen of Australia

To help other people, and

To live by the Scout Law


We now have one Law to be used across all five Sections:

  • Be Respectful
    • Be friendly and considerate
    • Care for others and the environment
  • Do What is Right
    • Be trustworthy, honest and fair
    • Use resources wisely
  • Believe in Myself
    • Learn from my experiences
    • Face challenges with courage


Resources giving a fuller explanation of the wording and how it will be incorporated into the Scouting program, will be available to download from the Youth Program Review website in September 2017. More information regarding the resources will be disseminated through Scouts Australia’s communication channels.

The resources will include:

  • Discussion Guides
  • Program Activities
  • Promise & Law Posters


We invite every Group across Australia to use these resources to assist all members to understand and live by our Promise & Law.  Please discuss these changes with the Youth Members and their parents and guardians in your Group.

The Promise and Law review is one important step in preparing Scouting for the next generation of young Australians.  In 2018, we implement our newly developed Scout Method, Areas of Personal Growth and other revised fundamentals of the Scouting program.

We congratulate all our volunteers who have spent countless hours on this project, and all our Members who provided valuable feedback.

By living by the values of our Promise & Law, Scouts in Australia will ‘Create a Better World’.

Yours in Scouting

Chris Bates                                                         Daryl G Scott
Chief Commissioner                                         Chief Commissioner
Scouts Australia                                                Queensland Branch