After resting for a few days, Que headed back to her home to spend the weekend with scouts and leaders from a the Gold Coast, South Eastern, Brisbane South, Moreton, Brisbane North and Northern Moreton Bay Region who had gathered for an overnight hiking activity called “Butterfly”.  There were multiple bases, and Que saw scouts attempting a variety of tasks that included stacking water drums into towers, assembling 3 dimensional cubes, doing compasses work, and building basketball courts.  Whilst wandering around the campsite, Que visited “Council Rock”, and also the “Drum” which Leader Trainers in the 1970s used to beat to summon trainees to training sessions.  Que also met the Duty Warden for the weekend.  As usual, lots of log book entries were obtained, photos taken, and this time lots of advice given when leaders found out that Que was about to head into Central Queensland.