Dear members – please note that the following updates to QBSI are now available HERE.

  1. QBSI Cover and Content (content updates to reflect this update to Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions)
  2. QBSI 2.1 Youth Sections (updates to QBSI Section Age Ranges in Queensland, and QBSI 2.1.10 Extension Beyond Age Range; minor update to QBSI 2.1.11 Section Flags Design)
  3. QBSI 2.15 Adventurous Activities (new paragraph QBSI Level 3)
  4. QBSI 2.18 Bubble Ball Activity Hire (new chapter)
  5. QBSI 6.3 Bank Accounts (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)
  6. QBSI 6.5 Grants (re-write, complete re-read recommended)
  7. QBSI 6.8 Fundraising (new paragraph QBSI 6.8.2 Policy and Rules, removal of paragraph ‘Fundraising – Door to Door’)
  8. QBSI 6.10 Reimbursement for Car Travel for Members attached to Branch (removal of paragraph ‘Current Practice’, updates to QBSI 6.10.2 Policy – Travel Support Allowance, and QBSI 6.10.3 Initial Travel Support Rates)
  9. QBSI 6.11 Financial Assistance (updates to QBSI 6.11.1 New Group Grant, QBSI 6.11.2 To Assist Youth Members Travelling Overseas or to National Events, and removal of paragraph ‘Training Support’)
  10. QBSI 8 Uniform (updates to QBSI 8.2.1 Shirt, and QBSI 8.3.3 Scarves)
  11. QBSI 11.24 Terra Firma – Alpine Activities (new chapter)
  12. QBSI 11.25 Terra Firma – Archery (minor updates to QBSI 11.25.2 Special Conditions, QBSI 11.25.4 Minimum Activity-Specific Equipment/Facilities, and QBSI 11.25.5 Mandatory Activity-Specific Hazards/Risks and Suggested Control Measures)
  13. QBSI 11.27 Terra Firma – Bushwalking (updates to QBSI 11.27.2 Minimum Activity-Specific Qualifications for Supervisors, and QBSI 11.27.3 Minimum Activity-Specific Equipment/Facilities)
  14. QBSI 11.31 Terra Firma – Pioneering (new chapter)
  15. QBSI 11.33 Vertical – Abseiling (update to QBSI 11.33.2 Minimum Activity-Specific Qualifications for Supervisors)
  16. QBSI 11.37 Vertical – Climbing (removal of paragraph ‘Policy’, update to QBSI Minimum Activity-Specific Qualifications for Guide/Instructor)
  17. QBSI 11.39 Use of External Providers for Adventurous Activities (new chapter)

Please remember to update your QBSI USBs if you use one.

To access the updates click here.