It was “Mother’s day” and Matilda decided to wander over to Petrie Village to see what all the other Mums and their families were doing.  As she was not into Indonesian fried noodles and German sausages, and preferred Gum leaves instead, she headed to a quieter leafier spot within the market and spotted the Murrumba District Scout Museum.  She clambered onto the wooden deck and went inside to see the badges, scarves, uniforms, books and honour boards on display.  As usual, she got one of the staff members to sign her logbook and take a photo.  She was particularly interested to read about the rich local history of the design on the Murrumba District scout badge.  She thought it was a nice spot to find out about scouting heritage and said she would return again, as she had to head home for Mother’s day lunch with her 2 children.  Matilda wishes all Mums and Grandmothers “Happy Mother’s Day”.