Que and Matilda attended an Advanced Course that Touche’ Wombat was helping on.  There were lots of leaders attending courses from the Joey, Cub, Scout, Venturer and Leader of Adult sections.  Que went from section to section finding outwhat the leaders were doing.  In addition to this, she and Matilda participated in a session on leadership.  They also got to meet lots of other furry creatures at the Joey course.  During the weekend, amongst the things that Que watched included handicraft, program
planning, group organisation, youth development, and construction.  Matilda also wondered why lots of Joey and Cub leaders were going on walks around the park, until Que told her that it was  a trip to all the historical sites around the part.  Que also got a chance to see scout leaders preparing for campfire skits with lots of frilly objects.  The formal dinner consisted of a roast chicken, with vegetables, and chocolate mud cake with ice cream.  There was also a chance on Saturday evening to watch badges being swapped.  This was Matilda’s first large event, and she was very impressed with the number of topics covered by adult leaders during the weekend, and also with the traditions surrounding Kulgun and the Charles S Snow Training Centre.