Whilst the Basic Course went home after a busy weekend, Que stayed on as a guest at the Redcliffe District Scout Camp campfire in honour of a very special person.  Irma “Kestrel” Howell, was receiving an award for 50 years of service to the Scout Association.  She had until recently been the District Commissioner of Redcliffe District, and had the distinction of being the first female Group Leader in Queensland.  At the time, in 1976, she was appointed to Kalinga Scout Group.  Irma’s service covered a number of locations including Charles S Snow District, Murrumba District, Redcliffe District, Brisbane North Area, Near North Coast and Country Region and Queensland Branch.  There were many people present at the campfire, including the Chief Commissioner, Irma’s family and friends.  To Que, this was yet another example of a person whose voluntary service to the community’s youth development was priceless.