Did you know that Que Koala has a son called “Que Jr”.  In this interview, Que Jr talks with his mother Que.

Que Jr:  Mummy, are we bears?

Que: No Jr, we are “marsupials”, which means we are mammals with pouches, where koalas like you are carried in whilst you are growing up.  Bears do not have pouches, and are not found in Australia.  In the same, there are no Koalas outside Australia.  So please, kindly correct all those people who call you a “bear”!

Que Jr:  Why were you chosen as the Queensland Wood Badge Centenary Mascot?  Why not Touche’ wombat?

Que:  I was chosen as Koalas are the state faunal emblem for Queensland.  The Hairy-Nosed Wombat is the state faunal mascot for South Australia.

Que Jr:  Koalas must be really special to scouts in Queensland.

Que:  Yes, we seem to be quite special, so much so that there was a scout district the Darling Downs that was called Koala District (1967-1990), and there is also a Koala on the current Logan District badge.

Que Jr:  Are we the only “Que’s” around?

Que:  I have not heard of other Que Koalas but there is a drink called “Que Cola” on sale in the supermarkets, and I have seen some leaders drinking it. I also saw a white/silver  SUV in Brisbane with the Number Plate “0 QUE 0”.