What We’ve Been Up To

Noosa Sea Scouts – Cub Scouts Hike

Nine Cub Scouts took on the adventure of a canoe and hike to get our camp on the Noosa North Shore.

Sunday morning we had a scouts own to reflect on our individual journey to camp and what lies ahead during the week.
We ask our youth members to lay down on the grass in a circle to have this reflection.
Everyone enjoyed the camp including leaders and after canoeing back on Sunday, cubs, parents and leaders departed home for a well earnt rest.

Australian Contingent at World Jamboree

World Scout Jamboree is in full swing and we’re loving every minute of it!
Picture this: Thousands of Scouts, an electrifying opening ceremony and Bear Grylls firing up the crowd. An explosive start to World Scout Jamboree!
Australian Scouts are meeting new friends from all around the world as they explore the site. And those bumps on the road? They’re just plot twists in their adventure, making them resilient leaders of tomorrow.
Parents, your Scouts are not just surviving, they’re thriving! Diving headfirst into these unforgettable moments.

Knight Moves

Knight Moves is a multi-Section Scout activity organised and hosted annually by Brisbane North Region.

Its aim is to provide our youth members with the opportunity to develop their navigation and bushwalking skills in a safe and controlled environment. 

This year’s theme was “Knights of the cosmos” and the team has put together a full review of the event: Read it here!

Joey Scout Jaunt – Central Queensland

Fraser District had a fabulous time at Aldershot.

As an Assistant group Leader at Gracemere in Central Queensland, Sabrina Le Gros was called upon to organize the local Joey Scout Jaunt Camp over the weekend.  Here is just some of her reflection.

Wondering what she had got herself into, Sabrina brainstormed ideas at a District Training Meeting and was supported the whole way by leaders in the other groups.

Joey Jaunt 2023 was based on “The World of Joeys”. The World Scout Jamboree is currently being help in South Korea and six youth from the Capricorn district are attending. The plan for Joey Jaunt was to select countries who are also attending and focus on their flag, culture and food. The countries that were chosen for this camp was Italy 🇮🇹, Switzerland 🇨🇭, Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 and Mexico 🇲🇽.  All activities we did included these countries.

Tents were set up with the help of parents, there rotational activities and lots of yummy food – the catering and cleaning were supported by the Capricorn Scouting Community – the support of these families made the camp possible.

On Saturday afternoon a rest was in order whilst watching the Opening Ceremony of the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea. Bear Grylls was a huge hit.   There was a bushwalk and a campfire and lots of tired Joey Scouts that night.

Fuelled up by a cooked breakfast, made with donations from local businesses, there was a Sunday morning hike up Altar Hill for a Scouts Own followed by the obstacle course.

The camp closed with tired but happy Joey Scouts who had displayed beautiful behaviour all weekend.

Blue Wren, her team and supporters are to be congratulated on a fabulous weekend creating memories for their Joey Scouts and themselves.