Welcome to the new Youth Program Branch Commissioners

Branch Commissioner Joey Scouts – Emmi Thomas

Email: BC.Joeys@ScoutsQld.com.au

I started in Scouting as a Parent Helper, moving on to Joey Scout Leader, a District and Regional Assistant Commissioner, and then Branch Adviser, Joey Scouts. Being both a parent and a Leader, I have been fortunate enough to attend a Cuboree, Jamboree and multiple Nighthawks among other events while watching my children develop life-long skills. 

My Scouting Journey is now my own and this year, I have been bringing together all the of the Joey Scout Events developed and promoted by the Queensland Branch Joey Scout Team.  I don’t have all the answers, but it is very rewarding to be able to empower our amazing Joey Scout Leaders to go out and provide amazing experiences for our Youth Members.

Branch Commissioner Cub Scouts – Nathan Johnson

Email: BC.Cubs@ScoutsQld.com.au

I was for a breif moment a Cub Scout at Gracemere in my younger years I then went into the Boys Brigade in Rockhampton until my mid teens. I rejoined as a Cub Scout Leader at the Mount Archer group in 2018 when I noticed my son was turning up each week and the section was lead by the Group Leader and a District Cub Scout LeaderI moved into a District Cub Scout Leader position with Capricorn District in 2020 and I enjoy creating events and camps that gather all the youth together.

Branch Advisor Cub Scouts – Rossie Mutsimba

Email: BA.Cubs@ScoutsQld.com.au

I started as a parent helper at Marsden Scout Group when my children joined Cubs, and soon got hooked and was shortly off to my first Cuboree. Since then I’ve been to several Queensland Cuborees, two World Scout Jamborees and been part of the Brisbane Gang Show Program team.  

Branch Commissioner Scouts – Rob Pitt

Email: BC.Scouts@ScoutsQld.com.au

I started my scouting journey as a Cub in Pittsworth and progressed through to Scouts and Venturers. Scouting always held fond memories for me and when our eldest son joined up in Cub Scouts, I took the opportunity to be involved again this time as a leader. Over the past 20 years as a Scout leader in Gympie, our 4 children have grown up in Scouts. 

Scouting continues to bring great enjoyment into my life, it is so much more fun as an adult! I am thankful for the role models I have had over the years, and building lifelong friendships. My favourite part of scouts is the people around me, the youth and leaders, and the joy of seeing youth realise they are capable of more than they can imagine.

Branch Commissioner Venturer Scouts – David Wright

Email: BC.Venturers@ScoutsQld.com.au

I started Venturer Scout Leader with Mount Cotton Scout Group and have enjoyed every moment of being in the Venturer Scout section. I’ve obtained several AA guide appointments and been part of several AA Summer Schools and major events.