What We’ve Been Up To

Beaver Masters Cub Scout Camp!

Over 70 Cub Scouts from Beaver Masters District enjoyed an OAS adventure day.  Cub Scouts had an opportunity to paddle in canoes and go on stand-up paddle boards.  They also went on a ramble through native fauna to the beach, learning about cultural links to the land.  The Cub Scouts challenged themselves to build shelters using trees, poles and tarps, took part in a scavenger hunt, and played games.  The Cub Scouts described the day as ‘the best over’, ‘so much fun’, and many are using their experiences as a basis for their next SIA badge!

Belmont Venturer Scouts – Packing Party

Belmont Venturer Scouts hosted a district activity night where we had a ‘Share the Dignity’ packing party. We were privileged to hear from one of the ‘Sheros’ who volunteers with the charity to collect, check and distribute the bags to those in need. We packed approximately 35 bags and had products left over which will go into other bags collected in the future. These bags are destined for a local domestic violence shelter. This is the third year Belmont Venturer Scouts have organised and run a packing event.

2023 Ski Trip Report


“On the 16 September, 29 Scouts (ages 13+), Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and leaders from around Queensland went on an 18-hour bus trip to Perisher, in New South Wales. We stayed at Snowy Gums Resort at Smiggins, which was only a 10-minute bus ride away from the ski fields, and where able to ski for six days.

One of the goals for this trip was for new participants to reach up to Stage 5 Alpine OAS.  For those who have participated previously, they could work towards higher Stages (6 or 7) and were given the opportunity to lead a patrol. The group was divided into 4 Activity patrols to work together to perform the necessary tasks.

Despite some challenging weather and snow conditions, the trip was an overwhelming success and greatly enjoyed by all participants.  This was my second year, and I will be back for a third!”

– Jessica H , Rochedale Scout Group

Scout Bees

With the initiative of some like-minded leaders at Labrador and Ormeau I would like to introduce you to what I’m calling the ‘Scout Bees’ project idea.
The aim is to generate visibility of scouting in the community, engagement in the Scouting program among our youth, and long-term thinking for sustainability in the future for our region : achieved by installing Australian native stingless bee colonies in small box hives at scout halls in our districts.
  • Scouting youth (any section) can engage with native species up close and personal = Capacity for SIA, Earth Tribe program, SDGs, STEM projects etc. Many ways to map into the existing youth program (any section).
  • Citizen science project : collect data on species and development of colonies, learn about species behaviour, food webs, pollination, etc etc etc. Easy to care for (zero maintenance) and can be done by youth
  • The insect species themselves are HARMLESS, having no sting or venom. The bees are tiny 3mm endemic to QLD and 100% safe.
  • Security devices can be used to ensure safety of the colony.
  • There are Many knowledgeable scouting members who can support the establishment of the program and locally the youth can be the experts passing on knowledge and skills to one another. very easy to care for. popular with child care centres / feeder schools. 

Check out the powerpoint for more information here !

Kathy Knox  – Lamington District Commissioner

100 Years of Scouting in Gin Gin

 A celebration was held in Gin Gin on Saturday in recognition of the Centenary of the Gin Gin Scout Group. Guests included past and present leaders, youth members and committee as well as current and former community leaders.  Youth & Adult members from other Milbank, Kepnock and Moore Park Beach showed their support by joining Gin Gin for the celebrations.  

Gin Gin Scouts was established on 22 October 1923 and has been part of the small country town since then despite the struggles of a rural community with natural disaster, economic downturns and rising cost of living. To mark this special Centenary, the Gin Gin Ladies Woodwork Guild presented the Group with a commemorative artwork created just for the occassion.

Bundaberg Regional Council Mayor Jack Dempsey paid tribute to all who have been part of the group since its inception. “We have the rich history of 100 years of scouting that has enriched the lives of those who have been involved but also the wider community. Scouting offers an investment in the future of the lives of young people and allows them to explore opportunities away from modern technology”. 

Cr Dempsey hopes that the values of Scouting will always remain in a community that continues to defy economic growth. “The economic growth for our entire region is the second highest in the state with 60% of the young people at Gin Gin primary school being new to the region. I hope that this encourages people to consider Scouting as something rewarding for the youth of this town.” 

Group Leader Tammy Bradfield “Croc” thanked the community and the way they have supported the group, especially the current leaders and committee members.  

However, Croc also made the announcement that after 100 years of continuous scouting in their community; they will be shutting their doors at the end of this calendar year due to lack of volunteers and the young people. Croc hopes that it will only be for a short time and that Scouting will continue to offer youth the opportunity to explore their interests, develop leadership skills and experience adventure for future generations. 

Governor – General at Longreach Scouts

The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and Chief Scout, General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), and Her Excellency Mrs Hurley, visited Longreach Scout Den for an afternoon tea with members of the Group and the local community.  The visit followed the Group celebrating the Group’s 110 year anniversary last month and creation of the Avenue of Honour at the Den in memory of service men and women of Longreach.  The Governor General and Mrs Hurley spoke with the youth members and Leaders and saw their ballistas in action.