Branch Youth Council

So what is the Qld Branch Youth Council?
The Qld Branch Youth Council will be a group of 25 young people (with representation from Scout, Venturer Scout and Rover Scout sections) from across Queensland. Each year the Council will meet once a year face to face to discuss a range of topics and plan future discussions for the year ahead. Then each month an online meeting will be held to continue these topic discussions. The Council will have an important role in providing youth input and guidance on Scouting in Queensland across a range of topics. The Branch Youth Council identifies areas where improvements could be made (or is referred topics by members of Scouting) and researches, discusses and makes recommendations to the relevant people.
When and where will the Annual face to face meeting be held?

The Annual face-to-face meeting will be held at BP Park, Samford on 8-10 March 2019. It is a great opportunity to meet the other council members in person. Don’t worry if you don’t live in South East Qld as we will pay for your travel costs to attend the meeting. In fact we encourage you to apply no matter where you live as we would love representatives from across Qld.

Is there any age requirements?

The Branch Youth Council is open to all Scout, Venturer Scout and Rover Scout members of Queensland Branch aged between 13 and 23 on March 1st. Members are selected by a selection committee and are appointed by invitation from the Chief Commissioner of Queensland.

How long does the appointment last?

If your application is successful, you will be appointed to the Council for a 12 month period with the opportunity to extend to two years.

Do I need any experience?
We don’t expect you to have any prior experience but if you have been involved in any youth forums and other similar youth councils then let us know in your application about this. Anyone can apply as being a young person already gives you the skills you need!
What are the expectations for Qld Branch Youth Council members? What is the time commitment?
We expect all our members to be able to attend the Annual face-to-face weekend meeting. We also expect ongoing participation in the online meetings and discussions throughout the year. Also you will be ambassadors for Scouts Qld so from time to time we may need you to be representatives as various events. So each month you will need to commit a few hours for the online meetings and check and respond to emails throughout the month.
What can I expect to gain from the Qld Branch Youth Council?
Being a member of the Qld Branch Youth Council is a great opportunity to extend and develop your skills in a range of areas. If you are passionate about leadership, if you want to improve your public speaking ability, if you want to meet other enthusiastic youth members of Scouts Qld, then the Branch Youth Council is definitely for you! This council may open the door to other opportunities whether it be in your local Scout regions, or perhaps you may decide to apply for the National Youth Council. You might even be selected to one day represent Scouts Australia at a World Scout Youth Forum!
I am really keen, so how do I apply?

Complete the 2019 Branch Youth Council (application form) and questions. Send your application in to the Branch Youth Council by either email or post.

When will I know if I have been chosen as a member?

All applicants will be advised if they are successful in February.

Why does Scouts Qld need a Branch Youth Council (BYC)?
  • To discuss subjects of interest related to Scouting and society issues affecting young people
  • Opportunities to empower young people through youth involvement in decision making and personal development
  • Discuss topics affecting youth, Scouting and the community
  • Provide an understanding of the viewpoints of others including youth program ideas
  • Respond to input from other scouting conferences and committees
  • Co-ordinate with other youth networks in Scouting and the wider Qld community
  • Allow young people to develop the necessary practical skills to enable youth to take part more effectively in decision making activities in Scouting and the community

The BYC will aim to engage young people in the decision making process to ensure Scouts Queensland can deliver programs at the local, regional and state level that relevant and fun for young people.

How does the BYC fit into Scouts Qld?
The BYC embraces Scouting’s fundamental philosophy ‘to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they can take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. The BYC provides young people with the opportunity to participate in decision making. Benefits to BYC members:

  • Representing their local group in a formal conference / meeting capacity
  • Communicating their ideas to small and large groups of people
  • Group discussions including decision making and negotiation skills
  • Taking leadership responsibility in a task group
  • Networking and mixing with other young people from different parts of the state

BYC members will have the opportunity to meet others who share similar and differing views from across Qld. There will also be links to the Scouts Australia National Youth Council.

What is a BYC?
The Branch Youth Council is a gathering of young people from different Scouting backgrounds, coming from different regions within Queensland. The annual conference will bring together 26 young people to represent their community and present their views in an open, supportive environment led by their peers.
How the BYC operates?
Scouts Queensland holds an annual weekend conference for youth members of the movement aged between 13 -26 years (Scouts, Venturers, Rover Scouts). The BYC is for young people to discuss and respond to topics nominated and selected by both the BYC and the Branch Team (Branch Commissioners, Deputy Chief Commissioners and the Chief Commissioner). For the remainder of the year, discussions are maintained through electronic format using a range of technology including Skype, Facebook and Dropbox.

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