Accounting Procedures for Formations

The Scout Association of Australia, and indeed all National Scout Organisations in the World, relies heavily on volunteer support at all levels. Nowhere is this more important than at Group level. All of the planning, instruction, training and administration which take place in Branch, Region or District and Group are of no avail if the end result does not achieve better Scouting for our Youth Members.

There are many types of support. Group Leaders, as the focal point of any Group, rely heavily on the many parents and supporters who continue to give so much to the success of this Branch, and without whom they could not function. One important aspect of any organisation is, of course, finance – and this booklet is intended to give assistance in this area.

Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions (QBSI) should be read in conjunction with this booklet. The forms and instructions herein are simple and effective, and if followed will provide all that is needed by Group and other Formation Treasurers, both to account for all finance and in reporting to Branch Headquarters.

Treasurers are encouraged to discuss all financial matters with the Treasurer in the next leading Formation e.g. District, Region etc. If you have any further questions, please contact the Finance Section of the Branch Support Office, as they would be most pleased to answer any inquiry regarding procedures to Group/District/Regional finances.


For up to date information on the Queensland Branch Policy on Accounting Procedures For Formations, check the Support Hub Finance Knowledge Base.


Insurance fees changes

For more information see the extract from Chiefs Newsletter dated 14 May 2020.

How are the insurance values calculated?
Scouts Queensland maintains insurance coverage in select areas to cover the broad standard operations of the organization. The cost of insurance is then spread across all formations based on an agreed standard model that was approved at the November 2018 Regional Commissioners Conference.

    • Public liability based on average membership over the previous year.
    • Contents, marine, and vehicle insurance costs (where applicable) are charged based on information supplied through the annual property return.
    • Property value, this year, was based on a banded model that estimates the replacement value of a standard design den.

Isn’t the insurance covered in the membership fee?
Personal accident Insurance is covered in the annual membership fee. This is separate from the other policies such as public liability, industrial special risk (property), marine and vehicle insurance.

My group is in recess, why was I charged?
All “active” formations in SMS are included in this calculation, and will receive an insurance allocation. This includes formations  that have been put in recess at a local level, and not officially within SMS.

For any further information or questions please contact