The Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc. maintains insurance coverage in select areas to cover the broad standard operations of the organization. This is renewed each year on the 31 March, with associated costs on-charged to groups based on a standard model that was approved at the November 2018 Regional Commissioners Conference.

The approved model charges public liability based on average membership over the previous year. Contents, marine, and vehicle insurance costs (where applicable) are charged based on figures supplied by the controlling formations through the annual property return. Property value, this year, was based on a banded model that estimates the replacement value of a standard design den. Personal accident Insurance is charged separately, as part of the annual membership fee.

All “active” formations in SMS are included in this calculation, and will receive an invoice. This includes formations  that have been put in recess at a local level, and not officially within sms.

The model aimed to create greater transparency in insurance costs and provide more equity in the insurance cost outcomes.

Given the nature of our organization, it is a very select area of insurance. This is very different from conventional commercial or domestic insurance arrangements. However, every effort is made to cost optimise, without jeopardising coverage.

For the 2020/21 renewal, we had been advised to expect anywhere between 14-20% increase. In light of the Covid19 situation and the transition to Scouting@Home, we were able to negotiate a better outcome. This is a temporary relief for this year only, and we would expect the insurance costs to return to the higher levels next year.