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Why did you join Scouts?

Why did you join Scouts as a Leader?

What do you enjoy about being a Scout?

What do you enjoy about being a Leader?

What do you like about your parent being a Leader?

What do you gain from being a Leader at Scouts?

What is your favourite Scouting memory with your family?

Why should other parents volunteer?

What can people do in Scouts?

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6pm Friday 28 January

Scouting isn’t just for the kids, adults can get involved too!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

6pm Friday 04 February

Spend more time with your kids and join Scouts together!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

6pm Friday 11 February

Develop and learn skills together, join your kids on their new adventure with Scouts!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

6pm Friday 18 February

Hiking, camping, canoeing, abseiling, you can do it all with Scouts!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

6pm Friday 25 February

Scouts is for the big kids too! Become a leader and help kids experience the outdoors!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

6pm Friday 4 March

Gain lifelong skills with Scouts! Teach lifelong skills as a Leader!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

6pm Friday 11 March

Join the Scouting family, as a family!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

6pm Friday 18 March

Scouting is for everyone, experience the fun together!

#ReadySetScoutTogether #ScoutsQLD

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