Cub Scouts



Cub Scout Cyber-Safe program

A useful program to raise awareness of Cybersafety

Opening and Closing Parades

Some useful information to assist you with the Cub Scout ceremonies


Graces for Cub Scouts to learn on your next Pack Holiday

Bring a Friend month

This Kit is designed to help you with planning and running a very successful Program for ‘Bring a Friend Month’.

Campfire Safety Presentation by Qld Fire & Rescue Service

Did you know that as little as one second of contact with a campfire 70 degrees or hotter will cause a 3rd degree (full thickness) burn?


Recent posts relating to the Cub Scout Section

World Scout Day

On the 1st of August every year is World Scout Day, an opportunity for past, present and supporters of Scouts to wear their Scarfs in celebration and recognition of their involvement in the largest youth organisation in the world. This day is aligned with the first day of the first Scout camp 112 years ago on […]

QBSI Updates – March 2019

Dear members – please note that the following updates to QBSI are now available HERE. QBSI Cover and Content (content updates to reflect this update to Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions) QBSI 2.1 Youth Sections (updates to QBSI Section Age Ranges in Queensland, and QBSI 2.1.10 Extension Beyond Age Range; minor update to QBSI 2.1.11 […]



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