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If you have not already completed the YPR survey then time is running out. As Joey Scout Leaders this is your opportunity to have your say, to have your input into the shaping of scouting and the format under which it will operate. Don’t waste this opportunity, find the time, read the documentation and complete the surveys at


D’Agular Range District has been busy participating in the 25 Year Celebrations of the Joey Scout Section. With rolling storm clouds, loud thunder, bright lightning and winds blowing, the Joey Scouts, Leaders and Parents enjoyed the fun, excitement, warmth and fellowship while participating in the activities. Mrs Jenny Colvin, Joey Scout Leader at Caboolture Scout Group and her team spent many hours organising this wonderful event.

Mrs Sarah Medway as an original Caboolture Joey Scout (October 1990), along with the youngest Joey Scout, Aiden Jenkins had fun cutting the cake and distributing the pieces to everyone close by.

JS1                                                                     JS2


Jenny Colvin displaying the Joey Scout Cake                                                              Sarah and Aiden cutting the cake


JS3                     JS4

Jenny with Sarah and Aiden                                                Group photo of Joey Scouts, Leaders and Councillors

What ideas do you have or have had in celebrating 25 years of the Joey Scouts. If you have already celebrated, send your ideas so that other Mobs may use them.

MINUTE CHALLENGES                                                                       

There are times when there is a spare moment between a game, a craft, while waiting for the next activity or just before closing parade when you want to keep the Joey Scouts busy, following are some one minute challenges you may wish to try with your Mob:

Minute Challenge Minute Challenge
Sing a song such as, “Row, Row Your Boat”. Sing it as a round. Try dropping a word from beginning each time through. How many times can a Joey Scout jump up and turn around in a minute?
Give the Mob a newspaper for a scavenger hunt. Find an animal, a smiling face, a not happy face, a transportation method, food, etc.


With a face down deck of cards, play Concentration. Keep it simple. Try matching colours only. Make it more difficult by matching face value, and even more difficult by matching face value and colour.


We are about to enter a very special time of the year, a time when we will be with our love ones, our friends; enjoying each other’s company and valuing individuals for who they are. Christmas is a joyous occasion and a time for reflection.


I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe and see you in the new year.

Quote – If you can dream it, you can do it. …… Walt Disney

 David Cruse (Kookaburra)