On the 1st of August every year is World Scout Day, an opportunity for past, present and supporters of Scouts to wear their Scarfs in celebration and recognition of their involvement in the largest youth organisation in the world. This day is aligned with the first day of the first Scout camp 112 years ago on Brownsea Island, England.

Baden-Powell’s experimental camp certainly started something. And his educational method – learning through doing, in the outdoors, in small teams, youth-led and adult-supported – has stood the test of time.

On the First of August

·  we announce the recipients of Adult Recognition Awards

·  many of us wear our scarves to school or work

·  many Sections try to program something out in the community

What you can do

·  share your school / work scarf photos (you, your family) in a message to the Scout Queensland Facebook page, or by email to design@scoutsqld.com.au

·  refer to the Scouts Queensland website for the list of Adult Recognition Awards and congratulate Scouting friends who have been recognised for their contribution

·  share the story of the start of Scouting with your Section this week

If you wish to wear your scarf to school to showcase your Scout Pride but think you may need to ask your school first, we have done up this letter (click here) to explain what World Scout Day is all about!