Whilst Matilda was off visiting leaders and groups on the Darling Downs and Central Queensland, Que decided to spend some time at home with a group of Scout Leaders attending a Basic Practical Course.  On Friday night, the heavens opened-up and very soon all the Scout Leaders were drenched, as they tried to put up their tents.  It was a very wet and cold night.  Saturday started out wet, but dried up by lunch time.  Unfortunately, there was still not enough rain to get the creek flowing, and Que wondered how her friend the Platypus was doing.  As the leaders busied themselves with their course assignments and errands, Que had some time to reflect on the events of the last 2 weeks.  That evening after the sing-along session, there was a welcome visitor, who turned out to be the Koala who had graced the Wood Badge Centenary dinner on the 7th September 2019.  Que followed the noisy Koala who snorted and grunted, and eventually made his way up the tree just above where the Gilwell Oak was planted.  It was nice to catch up with an old friend.