When Matilda visited Archer District’s training meeting on the 25th July 2019, she witnessed one of the leaders getting a “Personal Leader Advisor” parchment and badge. Koala’s are naturally curious marsupials, and so she wanted to know more about what a Personal Leader Advisor was, and what they did. Thus, she went back to Scout Headquarters, Auchenflower to attend a Personal Leader Advisor course. At the course, she met some leaders she knew, and made new friends. Matilda found out that the Personal Leader Adviser is a Leader with a Wood Badge who has been appointed to assist new leaders through their training. She looked up the local Queensland Branch Scouting Instruction (QBSI) manual to find out more, and noted that the role of the Personal Leader Adviser can be summarised as follows:
a. to promote leadership, motivation and loyalty to the Movement as a whole;
b. to encourage belief in the development of all Adults in Scouting and the completion of the Wood Badge as the accepted standard of effective Leadership in the Association;
c. to be responsible for, or assist with, assessment of Leaders in achieving and maintaining the standards of the Association;
d. to assist in the organisation of Leaders to undertake the prescribed training set by the Association;
e. to liaise with Leaders attending training courses up to and beyond Wood Badge level.