Letter of Introduction

International - letter of intro image

Members of Scouts Australia travelling overseas independently are eligible to apply for an International Letter of Introduction through Queensland Branch. The purpose of the Letter of Introduction is so that the bearer can identify themselves to fellow Scouts in countries they are visiting. It does not convey any special privileges (such as entitlement to hospitality); however, Scouts worldwide are encouraged to extend “a Scouting welcome” to the bearer.

The following information appears in the International Letter of Introduction:

This International Letter of Introduction is issued only by National Scout Organizations which are recognized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement. These organizations represent more than 28 million Scouts in some 216 countries and territories. Letters of Introduction are issued only for members of National Scout Organizations who will be travelling in other countries. It is not a Scout membership certificate.

Once you have received your International Letter of Introduction, you are eligible to purchase two official Australian scarves that are to be worn by all members of Scouts Australia when overseas.

Please allow a suitable length of time to apply for your application to be submitted and processed prior to your departure.

To apply for an International Letter of Introduction, please visit Scouts Australia’s International Events Online Application System – https://registrations.international.scouts.com.au or contact Branch International Commissioner – Ross Tutin on bc.international@qldhq.scouts.com.au