Setup of the Branch Team, Regions and Districts have been completed
To view the Groups already setup on Office 365 please view the following list: Office 365 Groups

If you are a member of one of these formations and have not received your Office 365 account details, please contact with your Name, Member Number and best contact email.


What is Office 365?

Office 365 for Scouts QLD is a communication and information sharing platform developed and supported by Microsoft.

Starting with an email for all members across the state Office 365 includes suite of tools and applications that will help us to better communicate and share information at all levels of Scouting across Queensland.

A few of the features included are:

  • Cloud based document storage for both individual and formation – with the ability to sync any accessible information with PC, Mac and Mobile devices using OneDrive.
  • Online suite of Office software – Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint
  • Online text, voice and video communication – online meetings/conference calls using Microsoft Teams
  • Group/Shared calendars to assist with scheduling across a Group, District, Region or enve the entire Branch.

What is the purpose of Office 365 for Scouting in Queensland?

Office 365 is part of the Group Management Software (GMS) project, aimed at cutting down the time spent day to day in managing a Scout Group.

365 fits into the project by allowing Scouts QLD to better communicate and share information at all levels, from Branch down through the Region, District and Group to the individual member and back up.  From storing and sharing of documents to online meetings with attendees from across, Office 365 has been identified at the platform that best meets the needs of Scouts Queensland now and into the future.

Who can I contact if I have questions about Office 365?

Our Office 365 Implementation team can be contacted to answer any questions you may have about Office 365. Get in touch by sending an email to

Alternatively you can use the form at the bottom of the page to send us a query.

Will there be training on how to use Office 365?

Yes, training has been delivered to a number of groups already.  Where possible training will be conducted in person, otherwise we can deliver training via webinar.

A selection of pre-recorded webinars are being worked on to allow members to run through the session at their leisure.

A number of how to guides have been created and more are to be added in the Knowledge Base on our Support Hub – you can view them and request support via the website:   or

Microsoft also has a great Office 365 Training Centre that has videos and  how to guides for many of the common functions in Office 365

What is the implementation time frame?

The rollout of Office 365 is currently underway, this phase of the rollout covers the following:

  • Email
  • Online Office applications
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft Teams

Setup of the Branch Support Office, Branch Team, Regions and Districts have been completed  as well as number of groups, further information on the status of the rollout can be on the top of the page.

My Group/District/Region already have an email solution in place can we migrate this to Office 365?

For those Formations that already have an email solution in place, we will assist with migrating your current solution across to Office 365 where possible.

Please contact the Office 365 Implementation team via email to discuss your current setup and migration

What is the cost to use the system?

Currently the licenses we are using are provided free under the Microsoft Not for Profit licensing program, so there is no additional cost to our groups to use Office 365.

Why is having data up to date in SMS important?

SMS is the source that will be used to setup and update all member accounts in Office 365.
Your Name, member number and appointment will allow your account to be created and also determine what groups/teams you are a member of as well as any applicable standard email addresses or shared mailboxes you have access too.

Of particular note is your primary email address, this is the email that will be used to send information about Office 365 as well as your login details.

Who else uses Office 365

Office 365 is widely used in Business, Education and Not-for-Profit sectors.
Most of the Scouts Branches across Australia have implemented or in the process of implementing Office 365 to varying degrees.
Education Queensland also uses Office 365 with all students and teachers being given and Office 365 account.

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Scouts QLD Office 365 Rollout - Phase 1 Leaders & Adult Members (Email, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams)


Office 365 offers a number of benefits across the organisation including:

  • A email for every member (First Phase of the rollout is for Leaders and Adult members only)
  • Standardised contact emails for every Formation and Section across the state
  • A central address book accessible by all members to assist with communications with Leaders and Members across the state
  • 1Tb (1,024 Gb) of personal cloud storage for your Scouting information – groups and members no longer need to pay for Dropbox or Google Drive, this is now provided for you.
  • Using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint (full implementation to follow in later Phase) Formations can store and share documents as well as communication via text, voice and video.
  • Reduced administration for groups – no longer need to pay for and maintain your own email solution
Office 365 How Tos, Setup Guide and Tutorials