Dear Queensland Scout Groups

The Stanthorpe Scout Group would like to offer you a no-fuss fundraising opportunity. We have been able to source 3 great Wine Packs from 2 of the Granite Belts most famous wineries.

We have created a fundraising opportunity for you to sell these packages to your supporters. Your fundraising profit ranges from $24 to $48 PER PACK.

This is a great opportunity for your group to fundraise by taking advantage of the Christmas Party Season.

For this 2017 fundraiser, we ask that all orders be in by the 20th of November and we will send the wine shortly after forms and funds have been received.

Please find the Wine Fundraising Package Wine Fundraising – package.

You will find in the package

  1. Customer Order Form:  You finalise this form with your contact and payment details, it already has all of the wine details.  Print out or email to your supporters.
  2. A Promotional Poster: Update this as you like to get the best promo for your Scout Group
  3. A Group Instruction Page: All the instructions you will need to carry out this fundraiser, including your profit from every case sold.
  4. A Wine Order Collation Page: Once you have all of your orders, this form needs to be returned with the Customer Order Forms to Stanthorpe Scout Group. (you should keep a copy). Once funds are received, we will send out the wine directly to your supporters.  There is a freight charge for each case, but if you collect the wine from Stanthorpe, we will refund that freight charge back to your scout group.

If you have any queries, please call or email:
Robyn Henderson (President, Stanthorpe Scouts)
0420 921934