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Training flowchart

The following flowchart is made available to explain the process of adult training and development.

Leaders: Download a copy here. (Last updated February 2016)

Adult Members and Adult Helpers: Download a copy here. (Last updated February 2016)

Where to start? Learning and Assessment Plan and Basic Outdoor Skills Overview

Download a copy of the Learning and Assessment Plan relevant to your role. A hardcopy of the plan is sent out to each new Leader in their Basic Training Resource folder along with the letter of introduction following sign up.

SectionCurrent version
Joey Scout Section10
Cub Scout Section10
Scout Section11
Venturer Scout Section11
Rover Advisers11
Leader of Adults10
Basic Outdoor Skills Overview1
Adult Members / Adult Helpers1
Wood Badge Project and evaluation GuidelinesFeb. 2016



To access the eLearning website login through Scout Central. Scout Central and the elearning modules are developed and maintained by the National team. If you are experiencing trouble with the e-Learning system please click here to fill in the support request form.

For the best possible viewing experience it is recommended that you have one of the latest browsers.
For Windows, please download either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
For Mac, please download either Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Basic and Advanced Practical course weekends

To be eligible to attend the practical weekend courses there are a number of online e-learning modules that MUST be completed at the time that the application is submitted. Otherwise applications will be returned.

Below is a guideline of what is required to be completed before each Practical Weekend course.

Basic Practical Course weekend

You will need to complete all modules listed under Basic Core Modules and the Basic Sectional Techniques relevant to your section. For Scout Leaders, Venturer Scout Leaders and Rover Advisers bushwalking MUST be completed before attending Advanced Practical Courses.

Advanced Practical Course weekend

You will need to complete the e-learning modules listed under Advanced Sectional Techniques and Advanced Core Modules.

Wood Badge Training Program and Advanced Training Evaluation

The awarding of a Wood Badge should be the aim of every Leader and it is important that a Leader be supported through the Wood Badge Training Program. I.e., From the Introduction to Scouting, (sign up), Basic e-Learning the Basic Practical Face to Face course and then through the Advanced training and ultimately be awarded the Wood Badge.

This demonstrates a commitment and a learning process that should provide the best outcomes for Youth and other Leaders.
The Team Leader, Personal Leader Advisor, or appointee, undertaking the final evaluation, (attached), has a very important role in ensuring that the Leader truly represents a Wood Badge Leader.

Over the past 12 months, when a Leader attends a Basic Practical Weekend they are given copies of the attachments; 4.40 and 4.41, and a discussion takes place about what may be required in content and effort. The content should be an expansion of a topic that a Leader may wish to learn more. This is personal development and will ultimately benefit Scouting.

A Leader working through the Advanced, e-Learning will again come across the Project attachments, as well as the final evaluation documents 4.59 and 4.60. These documents are required as discussion reference material.

The Project should not be arduous and only a “seeking of further knowledge” about a topic that supports the Youth or Adult program.

There appears to be a number of versions of the evaluation/assessment documentation and the Links below are the most current.

Would you please discuss the evaluation process with your team as some research does indicate that, with a few documents, the boxes are being “ticked” without a real discussion.
Section 19, (of the evaluation), records the discussion in relation to the Project, with a section to allow for additional time to further the Project.

Again, the project is only an expansion of knowledge of a particular topic, not a thesis.

Evaluation Guidelines and Project Ideas

Click here for wood-badge-project-and-evaluation-guide-lines-aug-2016 and wood-badge-project-e-learning-combo-4-40-4-41




To see the latest 2017 Adult Leader and Youth Leadership Training calendar download a copy of the 2017 Training Calendar V13 (Last updated 6 October 2017)

Course fees

See the table below for the relevant course fees.

Course typeFee
Basic Training Resource folder$74.00
Basic Practical Course - Joey Scouts and Leader of Adults$138.00
Basic Practical Course - Cub Scouts (includes Cub Scout Resource folder)$163.00
Basic Practical Course - Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rovers (includes the Field Book)$153.00
Bushwalking - Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rovers (who hold the Field Book)$60.00
Bushwalking - Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rovers (includes the Field Book)$74.00
Advanced Practical Course - All Sections$174.00
Personal Leader Adviser (PLA) course$15.00
Assessor Skill Set$125.00
Enterprise Trainer$125.00
Working with Youth with a special need$85.00
Adventurous Activities (Canoeing level 1 & 2, abseiling level 1, bushwalking level 2, kayaking level 1 & 2)$74.00
Adventurous Activities - Abseiling Level 2 – Natural Surfaces- four days, Self catered$150.00
Adventurous Activities - Abseiling Level 2 – Artificial Surfaces - four days, Self catered$150.00
Adventurous Activities - Sea Kayak$90.00
Venturer Scout Unit Management course$28.00
Venturer Scout Leadership course$72.00

Personal Leader Adviser (PLA) Resources

Personal Leader Adviser Handbook (Queensland Branch) pla-handbook-june-2016

Personal Leader Adviser Log Book pla-log-book-june-2016

Training Application forms

The Training application form (A15) is available in the Forms section of this website.

What are you qualified to do?

To find out what you are able to do as a Leader, see the What can I do? section of this website.

First Aid Training

Scouts Queensland has partnered with Allens Training an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO 90909) delivering a wide range of First Aid, Health and Safety qualifications.

Through this partnership Scouts Queensland is able to offer low cost training to registered members and discounted training to non members.

As an RTO, Scouts Queensland and Allens adhere strictly to the requirements and guidelines of ASQA’s Standards for RTO’s which means that the training delivered is of the highest quality.

Courses available to members and non-members include CPR, First Aid and Remote First Aid and on successful completion of the course each participant received a nationally recognised qualification

Course details and costs are listed in the table below:

Course Code Course Name Member Fee* Non-Member Fee
HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) $  35.00 $  55.00
HLTAID003 Provide first aid $  50.00 $100.00
HLTAID005 Provide first aid in remote situations (2 days) $  95.00 $200.00

*  Must be registered on Queensland Scout Membership System (SMS)


Regular courses will be held at Queensland Scout Centre, 32 Dixon Street Auchenflower and will be advertised in the Training Calendar.

Courses can also be held at your den/hall and to enquire about booking a course please email  Please note that a minimum of 10 participants is required for course held away from Queensland Scout Centre.

A15FA – Leader Training Application First Aid

A new form has been developed for members and non-members to apply to attend a course (QSC or your venue).  This form along with course fee is to be sent to before the closing date of the course (three weeks prior as will all Scout training courses).  The new A15FA is available on the Queensland website.

Course Enrolment

Once the application has been received and payment verified your application will be processed and entered into the Allens Training course record and you will receive an email to your nominated email address inviting you to enrol on the course.

You will be required to provide a USI (Unique Student Identifier) as part of the enrolment process and you will be guided through this process if you do not have a USI.

You can also complete the online learning that is available as this will ensure all participants are starting their course with the same basic first aid knowledge.

Courses offered are tailored to Scouting and course facilitators are all Leaders of the Scout Movement.

Workplace Courses

Most workplaces are required to have sufficiently trained staff that can provide first aid support in the event of a first aid emergency.  Through our partnership with Allens Training Scouts Queensland can offer first aid courses to members workplaces at the non-member discounted rate.

To book a course or to make an enquiry please email