A Note From the New QBRC Chairman

Kate Rimon (Downlands Rover Crew, Wishart Chester Scout Group)

May 31st brought with it a change in Queensland Rovers. We said a sad farewell to the 2014-2015 Executive amid tears and song, and welcomed the incoming Executive through to June 2016. We couldn’t have more respect and gratitude for Nathan and the rest of his Executive for all the hard work that they put in alongside the Region representatives over the past year. They have done everything to set the new Executive up for the best possible year ahead.

The year has been filled with many fantastic achievements from the whole team, including the establishment of a Rover-Awareness-Team (RAT) which has seen the name of Rovers advertised wider and seen more positively than ever before. We’ve also seen successful Introduction to Rovers courses run in more Regions, a successful development of the new BPSA Support Team and the acquisition of a number of new resources for Queensland Rovers. It has also been a successful year financially due to a stringent system of budgeting and communicating regularly with the event committees. We look to continue to arrange these over the upcoming events.

The Rover Council spent the weekend of 29-31 May coming up with new and exciting ways to drive forward Rovering in Queensland. We’ve set a five year plan as to how we can grow across the state and we’re excited to see just where this may take us. Along with our current Region Representatives and some very capable project officers, I’d like to take this opportunity to formally welcome the new Executive team. I couldn’t be more excited for the team I have to support me this year.

  • Deputy Chairman – Tahlia Johnston (Downlands Rover Crew)
  • Finance Officer – Taylar Gregory (Parkwood Heights Rover Crew)
  • Secretary – James Day (Mount Bruce Rover Crew)
  • Marketing Officer – Lisa Crowley (Stafford Rover Crew)
  • Resources Officer – Mitchell Sanderson (Parkwood Heights Rover Crew)
  • Training Officer – Lianna Gammie (The Gap Rover Crew)
  • Awards Officer – Kelsey Reid (Enogerra Rover Crew)
  • IT Officer – Blake Bath (Mackay Rover Crew)

This team will work with the guidance of our Branch Commissioner Rovers, Gavin Brady, who provides us with endless knowledge and experience. Gavin has helped to set up Qld Rovers over the past six years to be able to manage themselves, and under his guidance, the previous Executive have very much proved that this is possible. On 1 August this year, Gavin will step down and in the place of the Branch Commissioner, we will appoint a new Branch Adviser. I am delighted to announce that Mr Ryan Sodziak will be stepping into this role. Ryan has spent the last 18 months in the role of the Acting Executive Manager of Scouts Queensland, and we’re confident that he is more than sufficiently equipped to assist QBRC with any challenges that they may face. We are all thrilled at the idea of him coming on board and anticipate great things over his term. Together we will continue to support, promote, represent, encourage and develop Rovering throughout Queensland.

It was this time last year that Qld Rovers announced the project to establish a new home for Qld Rovers at BP Park. The “Five Rocks Rover Park” team, led by Jack Neeland, looks to have a formalised a strategic plan by the end of 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on its progress and how you can get involved.

I’d also like to say a huge congratulations to the TNT Committee and their Chair, Nathan Cornwell for a very successful motorsport event run over 22-25 May. This was a fantastic reintroduction of this event to the Rover Calendar and gave Rovers from across the State gather to test out their new and improved Bash Vehicles in the build up to Banana Bash in October 2015. We also have a number of upcoming events for Rovers in Qld so get involved and see just what Rovers can do.

June Moot : (5-8 June in Gladstone)

June QBRC: (21 June, 7:00pm at QSC)

Urban Challenge: (19-21 July at QSC) For Venturers and Rovers

St George’s Ball (and Gavin’s Farewell) : (1 August, Mercure Hotel)

QBRC Contacts:
Chairman : Kate Rimon chair@qldrovers.org.au
Deputy Chairman : Tahlia Johnston deputy@qldrovers.org.au
BC Rovers : Gavin Brady bc.rovers@qldhq.scouts.com.au
Website: www.qldrovers.org.au
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/qldrovers