July has been a very full month on the rover calendar. I would firstly like to congratulate the Urban Challenge Committee on running a very successful event. With a turnout of approximately 150 Venturer Scouts and Rovers, Brisbane City was overwhelmed by a swarm of blue bucket hats. All attendees got into the “lights, camera, action” theming in full spirit. Congratulations to Sophie Storie and her team.

Over the weekend 24-26 July, three very keen Rovers and one Assistant Rover Advisor took on the challenge to complete their Rover advanced training through their practical weekend at BP Park. This is the last training weekend required in order for each of these participants to go on to test their skills and endeavour to receive their wood beads. Congratulations to all of the participants on this fantastic achievement.

Over the same weekend, in vast contrast to the training course, a flock of rovers descended Tarmaroo Campsite in Bluewater for the Florence Bay Rover Crew’s Christmas in July. A great time was had by all. Well done to the FBRC on their efforts to put it all together.

roverJuly also saw the last month as Branch Commissioner for Mr Gavin Brady. Gavin has been the Branch Commissioner for the Rovers of Queensland since early 2009 and has supported them to become the best that we can be. On 1 August, at St George’s Ball, Qld Rovers had their formal farewell to Gavin, fittingly amidst the Rover Awards Ceremony.

Congratulations to Libby Smith for hosting such an amazing event. It was a beautiful evening and a great way to see off a True Great of Qld Rovers. As was conveyed in much more depth on the evening, we couldn’t be more grateful for everything Gavin has done for the state and he will be missed. We wish him all the happiness in his future endeavours.

We know he will do great things. Thank you Gavin.


Where one door closes, another one opens. I would like to formally take this opportunity to welcome Ryan Sodziak as the new Branch Adviser, Rover Scouts. Ryan spent the previous 18 months as Acting Executive Manager for Scouts Qld, is an assistant trainer with the Scouts Qld Training Team, and has stepped down as Branch Commissioner (Information and Communication Services) in order to take on this new adventure. We couldn’t be happier with the new BA and are excited to see where this journey will take us.


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Kate Rimon
Chairman – Qld Branch Rover Council




August is Scouts in Action Month, this year focusing on Scouts in the Environment. Qld Rovers are hosting a project on Sunday 16 August at the Pocket at BP Park.
All VENTURER SCOUTS AND ROVERS are welcome to attend. For more information, head to our Facebook event. https://www.facebook.com/events/1595128320752067/

ROCK THE RIVER: 4 September on the Brisbane River

18+ Event : Brisbane River Cruise evening event hosted by Clifton Hill Rover Crew



SOUTHWEST MOOT : 11-13 September at Cumorah Campsite (Upper Lockyer)

Directed at all Rovers across Qld and the country, hosted by Darling Downs Rovers.


ROVERCHELLA : 11-13 September at Karingal Campsite – Where’s Wally?

Gold Coast Region Rover-Venturer activity.


QBRC Contacts:

Chairman : Kate Rimon chair@qldrovers.org.au
Deputy Chairman : Tahlia Johnston deputy@qldrovers.org.au
BA Rovers : Ryan Sodziak ba.rovers@qldrovers.org.au

Website: www.qldrovers.org.au
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/qldrovers