NEW A5 Youth Member Registration Form and A1 Application for Appointment – Adult Member are now available.
Due to the growing accessibility and availability of banking and transaction methods, amendments have been made to the current registration forms to assist in communicating the method of payments available. The forms provide the opportunity for payment by cash, cheque, bank transfer and credit card.

As the amendments to the forms assist in functionality only, older forms will still be accepted on the following conditions:adult form 1  youth 1

  • Youth Registration forms do not predate Issue 24 (4/13)
  • Adult Registration forms do not predate Issue 16 (5/14)

Please destroy all forms that do not meet these form 2


  1. NEW! – ALL youth and adult membership fees are put through the Group Debtor Account upon receipt of payment. Payments can be tracked through the Group account history in full, commencing April 2016;
  2. The Branch Support Office DOES NOT require originals of the membership forms (nor blue card applications). All forms can be scanned and emailed direct to There’s no need to pay huge sums of money in postage and risk delays or lost mail.

Here are some TOP TIPS for forwarding completed forms:

1. ALL Applications will not be processed without valid payment:

  • Please ensure payment has been forwarded with the application
  • In the case of direct credit bank transfer/deposit, please have payment processed prior to sending the forms in order to complete accurate details on the forms.

2. Youth Membership Forms:

  • Ensure Part B is completed in full by the Group or Section Leader before forwarding
  • Complete Part C “Payment Options” in full, including references used for bank deposits or transfers
  • All forms require signatures from BOTH parents/guardians as well as signature from the Group Leader
  • Refine processes within your Group so that electronic forms won’t be forwarded from two different persons, nor electronic and paper forms submitted separately. This can cause unnecessary duplication and may not be picked up until after payments are processed. This can cause lengthy processes to correct and may leave families without funds for extended periods.

3. Adult Membership Forms:

  • Make sure that the appointment they are taking on is very clear as this will determine the fee due. “Supporter” is no longer a valid appointment
  • Part G – Be very careful with the way each of these are responded to. We will not accept an application with “No” Listed as the response to question 6
  • Part J – All adult appointments are required to have an Introduction to Scouting (LT1) AND referee checks completed. If these are not ticked and dated, the application will not progress. This section cannot be signed by anyone other than the team leader (AGL/GL) or higher
  • A Blue Card confirmation/application is required with the A1 for it to be processed for ALL APPLICATIONS. If they’ve previously had their blue card through scouts or hold any valid card, they are STILL REQUIRED to complete the confirmation form to ensure the card is re-linked to scouts.

If you have any questions about the DOs and DON’Ts of memberships and registrations, or any troubles with the new forms, please don’t hesitate to contact Kate in Membership on 07 3721 5733 or via email at