Cubs, scouts and the local community have benefited from the recent tree planting done at Tyamolum Scout property, Mt Crosby.

Twenty cubs and scouts planted over 100 native trees and shrubs as part of their Environment and Naturalist badges.

Scout property Manager, Ian Heath said “The day was a huge success and built on the great work done on National Tree Day”. dscn3542

“We have done a great deal of weed removal over the past year, removing mostly bush lantana (Lantana camara) and a dense patch of Cat’s Claw (Macfadyena uguis-cati) so we can plant the understorey species which will provide wildlife habitats and food, and complement the woodlands and forests occurring on the property.”

The weeding and planting project is being funded under the State Government’s Everyone’s Environment grant.

Oxley Creek Catchment Group helped with weed removal and the cubs and scouts will plant out areas with suitable plant species provided by Moggill Creek Catchment Group and the Brisbane City Council, as part of their Land for Wildlife Program.  Before planting commenced, two bags of Mothers of Million plants were removed. dscn3538

The location of the property, adjoining the Moggill Conservation Reserve and linking up to the D’Aguilar Range makes it extremely important to the conservation of native plants, animals and ecosystems in the western parts of Brisbane.

The property also contains a very uncommon plant – Lloyd’s Native Olive (Notelaea lloydii) which only seems to occur in the Mt Crosby-Karana Downs vicinity.  Local botanist, Paul Grimshaw undertook a survey as part of the project and his records are now with the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection.  Paul also surveyed the rainforest community occurring on the property, noting several rare plant species. And he gave an update to the participants on the Day.

Moggill Creek Catchment Group, Oxley Catchment Group and The Hut Environment and Community Association (THECA) participated in the Environment Day by providing guidance to the cubs and scouts on weeding techniques and correct planting techniques as well as physically helping in the planting.

The accompanying leaders also helped by teaming with the cubs and scouts to extend the planting area and remove nasty weeds such as Mothers of Millions.

“The additional trees and shrubs will greatly add to the diversity of the plants growing on the property, by providing a range of food roosting sites for insectivorous and fruit-eating birds and mammals.” Ian said

The day was rounded off by all the participants digging into delicious hamburgers, fruit and drinks, provided by Moggill Scout Group.

“We still have plans to plant another 200 native seedlings at the next Environment Day if we continue to get decent rain falls” Ian said.

The next Community Environment Day is on SUNDAY 11th September.  Contact Ian Heath on Tel: 3371 3712 (email: to participate.