ccr1Whitsunday Cub Scouts and Joey Scout Mob came to Bowen late September for a visit. Lots of games and rope challenges were held and Baloo challenged the Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts to move a tin can without touching it -only using a rubber band and some ropes. Once they had mastered that, he challenged them to move the can and balance it on the top of a ‘witches hat’ while removing the rubber band.

Lots of fun was had and the Bowen Cub Scouts are looking forward to a return visit to the Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts down to Airlie Beach soon. Special thanks to the Whitsunday Coast parents and Leaders for making this inter-pack activity possible.


Two Joey Scouts from Sarina Scout Group, Jenny Anderson and Stephanie Parchert were recently presented with their Joey Scout Promise Challenge Badge at a special celebration to mark the occasion. ccr2

The Joey Scout Promise Challenge Badge has four components. For the Caring and Sharing components Jenny and Stephanie volunteered their own time to care for gardens within the community. The Buddy Mob Challenge they communicated with other Joey Scouts and shared ideas and talked about the fun things they do. Their Environmental Challenge they were actively involved with learning about the water cycle, recycling, testing air pollution and learning about the native animals in Australia. The Adventure Challenge they went on hikes and they also visited a local display for ANZAC Day.


ccr3Joey Scouts from Banksia Scout Group capped off the term with a Mob Holiday with a trip to Hogwarts. It was hosted by Venturers Scouts, Rovers Scouts, and Leaders at Rowallan Park on 16 – 18 September.  One of the new classes offered by Hogwarts was “Broom Construction 101” where junior wizards and witches in training are able to construct their own brooms that are more controllable and less likely to be bewitched as were some brooms have been.

They were quickly put to use with the Joeys Scouts having flying classes with Madam Hooch prior to the Quiddich practice to see if any were worthy to join the house teams.  We were happy to report that all of the Joey Scouts successfully passed the first stage of the Magical Licence for beginners and have received their certificates prior to being collected by their parents.

The Students and staff of Hogwarts will now enjoy the luxury of several days’ relaxation before the start of the new term.

Mary Wallace

Region Leader Community Relations

Central Coast Region