Scouts Queensland are happy to support the Crime Stoppers Schoolies Support Team. If you would like to volunteer for this community service please read on.

csqllogo2012Below are the details for volunteering as a Schoolies Support Team (SST) volunteer at the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response (Response).

There are three prerequisites before someone is able to Volunteer With Crime Stoppers at the response:
1. Be at least 20 years of age at 19 November 2016
2. Hold a valid Working With Children Blue Card, available through Crime Stoppers free of charge
3. Have attended a training session run by Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited

The 2016 Response runs from Saturday 19 November through to Friday 25 November.
We have day shifts on Saturday 19 from 10am into the night.
Sunday – Friday are night shifts only, commencing around 5pm and going up to 1am (various shifts).
Shifts are usually 5 – 6 hours in length.
Volunteers nominate which days they would like to Volunteer and then at training can nominate which shift on each day.
Volunteers can volunteer anywhere from one shift to all seven days.

What Roles do SST Volunteers Undertake?
SST Volunteers are rostered during the Safety Response to participate through the following roles:
1. Wristband Assistant – placing wristbands onto school leavers wrists, recording wristband statistics & data via computerised tablet devices, assisting with queue monitoring, providing information and assistance to those preparing to collect their wristband.
2. Roving Street/Beach Patrols – walking the Response Zone in teams of four (4) providing advice and directions to school leavers and general Surfers Paradise visitors, conducting walk homes of schoolies at risk to their accommodation venue, identifying schoolies in need of assistance and referring them to the appropriate organisation, assisting injured, collapsed or intoxicated schoolies to a Recharg e Zone or the Ambulance Treatment Centre for further assistance, handing out information and or participating in free food cooking and distribution during the Response.

There are 3 training session available to choose from:
Wednesday 9 November Robina Community Centre Main Auditorium (Gold Coast)
Thursday 10 November Robina Community Centre Main Auditorium (Gold Coast)
Monday 14 November Kedron Wavell Services Club (Brisbane)

More information and application is made through the website:

If no Working With Blue Card held application must be received this week. Someone with a Blue Card should apply within the next two weeks.