This is my first contribution to Encompass as Chief Commissioner.

dary-scottFirstly, a little about me. I have been married to Debbie for 30 years and we have three children who are now in their 20s. Professionally I am an electrical engineer and have worked in the electricity utilities for most of my working life with recent stints in contracting and consulting. I am now no longer in paid employment. In regards to Scouting, I was a youth member from Wolf Cubs through to Rovers, then progressed as a Section Leader in Cub Scouts, at Region level, District level and then, after a break, AGL and back to Region level as RC. Like many of our Leaders, I am only able to take this role on with the forbearance of Debbie and my family.

Scouting is important to me because of the incredible positive impact we have on the lives of young people through their physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development. What other organisation can provide such holistic development? I know what I got out of being a youth member and how I have benefited from being an Adult Member and I have watched the incredible development of our children through Scouting to want to stay involved.

I recognise the centrality of the Scout Group for delivery of the Scout Program and that the District, Region and Branch structure is there to support that. I also acknowledge the incredible efforts that so many volunteer Leaders put into Scouting over an extended period. Our youth members are very fortunate to have that adult support. I will work to lessen the burden of the Group Leader role through streamlined processes supported by contemporary systems.

I am planning a modest restructure of the Branch Team to sharpen the support focus across Queensland and will be implementing a program and project management approach to projects that involve changing our processes and systems. The latter should provide greater transparency of where we are heading and the opportunity to get involved in shaping the future.

That said we face a number of issues within Scouting not the least of which are the outcomes of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, finding alternative accommodation for the Branch Support Office to eliminate the costs associated with flood recovery, the changing and increasing community requirements for Scout facilities to comply with legislation and the impact that newly negotiated property leases are having on our Groups. The Youth Program Review continues with a lot of effort in the background and that will create a lot of change for us in two – three years.

I had the opportunity to attend both the Branch Adult Recognition Award and Australian Scout Medallion award ceremony and the Government House presentation by the Governor of the Queen’s Scout Award certificates, the Baden-Powell Scout Award certificates, the Silver Kangaroo Award and National President’s Award. In addition, we have the Joey Scout Promise Challenge Badge and Cub Scout Grey Wolf Badges which are presented at Mob and Pack meetings respectively. The awards are challenging such that unfortunately not every youth member earns the highest award in their Section. We should be very proud of the high calibre of the recipients of these awards.

I am thankful that there has been the opportunity of a four month changeover period with previous Chief Commissioner Kirsty Brown OAM. That changeover period enables continuity on issues and allows time to take in the enormity of the role. Thanks Kirsty for handing over a Branch that is in good condition!

Daryl (Tavi) Scott
Chief Commissioner of Queensland