YOU is a new style leadership program for Venturer Scouts. YOU will be held in 2018 in South East Queensland in April.

YOU consists of team activities designed to get YOU participating in personal development activities, communication styles and practices. This will be the beginning of a journey of self-discovery.

YOU aims to reflect and personally develop on communication methods, emotional intellegence (EQ), develop goal setting and personal confidence. What’s so new about YOU? It’s made all about your experiences, your life, both in Scouting and out, for you to gain the skills to be a better YOU!

YOU also opens up the opportunity to apply to attend LEAD – a five day advanced leadership course with participants from all over the country. As part of the YOU+LEAD alumni you can also benefit from regular communications and support from our experienced mentors.

If this sounds like something YOU would like, YOU need to apply now!

To apply use the A15 Leader Training Application – leave the course code blank and pay the sum of $110. Applications close 31st March.

YOU: 20-22 April 2018 @ Baden-Powell Park

For more information or any questions jump on the Queensland Venturers Scouts forum or email