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 The International Pen Pal Program

The International Pen-Pal Program offers a means of communicating with other Scouts abroad and provides an “international experience” without necessarily having to leave town. The traditional concept of writing a letter has now given way to members all over the world from Hong Kong to Peru to UK to Zimbabwe requesting links with Australian Scouts online!

As well as exchanging emails, international Pen-Pals can now talk to each other on Skype, share photos and videos using any number of online social networking tools (including Group websites, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube), and link up with each other during Jota Joti, the world’s largest international Scouting event! There’s still room for snail mail too… badge swaps, anyone?

Who can have a Pen-Pal?

To be part of the Pen-Pal Program you must be a registered Scouts Australia Member, youth or adult. This will be verified with your relevant state before we link you with an overseas Pen Pal. Groups can also link with an equivalent Group or Section overseas.

Registrations are now open for individual Australian youth members and Leaders, as well as Group links between a Mob, Pack, Troop or Unit and an equivalent Group overseas.

What are the benefits of having an international Pen-Pal?

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You will have the opportunity to make a new friend from within our international family.

The Pen-Pal Program may help you complete part of your Award Scheme and allow you to learn about the life of another Scout in their part of the world.

You can build a relationship with your Pen-Pal that can last a lifetime.

Your whole Mob, Pack, Troop or Unit can get involved with your Section equivalent somewhere in the world and swap photos, program ideas and camp experiences.

Leaders can exchange ideas with and gain support from an international counterpart who, in most cases, will have similar interests and goals.

Scouting has always promoted international peace, understanding and cooperation through encouraging contact between young people from various countries and cultures. These international connections help young people develop a broader awareness of the global community, and assist them in recognising and respecting the differences that exist between the nations and races of the world… all whilst enjoying the common bond of Scouting!

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